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A Shelter Animal’s Perspective

The following information was sent to us by Katherine Zenzano:

I wanted to share with you a one-day “volunteer recruitment” project that was so personally profound and striking, it brought tears to my eyes and to the eyes of many of our staff.  It gave me deep insight into the experience of our shelter animals from their perspective.  Images from these videos cross my mind often. Even daily.  

In the first video you see the dark silhouette of a cat as she sits in her cage.  She takes a moment to eat from her bowl, then surveys the outside of her cage, and then as if she suspects she is being watched she glances back towards her litter box.  She stands to reveal a stub of a tail and looks around as seconds go by…slowly. She hears the faint sound of simulated birds chirping in the background along with the occasional faint tease of human chatter and movement.

Click here for the video.

1 House, 23 Designers, 37 Days, 1 Great Cause

1 House, 23 Designers, 37 Days, 1 Great Cause


DC Design House Announces 2012 Designers

DC Design House committee members including designer liaison Taylor Wells, Jean Seline and Karen Beiley along with designers David Mitchell, Skip Sroka, Nancy Colbert and Anne Lambeth recently announced the designers selected for the 5th Annual DC Design House at 4951 Rockwood Parkway, NW, Washington, DC, benefiting Children’s National Medical Center.

The designers along with rooms they’ll be designing in the order of the flow of the tour are below:

Space 1 outside entry – Blake Dunlevy & Gina Benincasa of D&A Dunlevy Landscape Architecture (Barnesville MD)

Space 2 foyer and staircase - Matthew Moore of John Matthew Moore Fine Art (McLean VA) 

Kelley Proxmire and Leah Moss share high-low design tips at Apartment Therapy’s Design Evening

Kelley Proxmire and Leah Moss share high-low design tips at Apartment Therapy’s Design Evening

Shop owners Jill Martin and Judith Carrig also participated in this monthly gathering of design enthusiasts. Bonus: Proxmire and Moss suggest time and money saving holiday design tips below.

5 Winter Boots for Men

5 Winter Boots for Men

Like much of the Northeast, DC got hit hard by winter storms yesterday. Bundling up and preparing to go out in the cold is of great importance, especially when it comes to shoes. (Have you slipped on that ice? Ouch! It's brutal!). Here are 5 different winter boot options to get guys through the next part of winter.

1. For the Winter Sports Guy

In what has to be one of the greatest innovations ever for the winter shoe, this Columbia Bugathermo Boot is heated. Yup, it contains a heating system with rechargeable batteries. It's also waterproof and has a temperature display on the exterior of the boot.

2. For the Urban Cowboy

This X-Lace Boot by John Varvatos has a rough and tumble feel. It's currently on sale at Neiman Marcus for $359, down from its original $789 price tag.

3. For the Guy Who Likes to Mix it Up

Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters

Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters

The golden years of horrible holiday sweaters may be behind us. The 1980's were an excellent decade for tacky Christmas wear. Even in the 90's everyone and their mother (and grandmother) started sporting a holiday sweater the day after Thanksgiving - and it was considered cool. Alas, the holiday sweater has been relegated to hipsters and / or the ironic Holiday Sweater Party. 

As a fashion consultant I'm very thankful that stores are carrying fewer Christmas cardigans each year. But, there is a part of me that is quite nostalgic for the joy a really bad sweater can bring. Thus, I recently searched for an awful sweater contender that is a) currently on the market b) displays the true spirit of the holidays in sweater form.

Oooh, did I hit gold. 

DC Tweed Ride to Hit the Streets Sunday, November 14th

Dandies & Quaintrelles, a Washington, DC based social group, that organizes and hosts vintage-inspired, stylish events in partnership with and in support of noble causes, will be hosting the second anual Tweed Ride on Sunday, November 14th.  2009 was the first Tweed Ride and was a raging success for the newly founded group. Over 500 riders showed up on their vintage bikes at the H Street meeting spot, all clad in tweed on a blamy 75 degree day in November.