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The Best Jerk Chicken I've Ever Had: Petworth | Restaurants

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The Best Jerk Chicken I've Ever Had: Petworth
The Best Jerk Chicken I've Ever Had: Petworth

Ah, Yelp strikes again.

I saw some impressive reviews of Sweet Mango Cafe on the food rating site: It received four stars, which is hard to do.

But when I began reading up on Sweet Mango Cafe, I realized that even more intriguing than the ratings on Yelp was the food that the establishment serves.

Jerk chicken and coco bread, oxtail stew and curries, as well as a variety of other Carribean foods that most D.C. restaurants just don't offer.

I, for one, love this kind of cuisine, so I checked out Sweet Mango Cafe and it did not disappoint.

Located at 3701 New Hampshire Avenue in Northwest right near the Petworth-Georgia Avenue Metro station, Sweet Mango delivers huge portions of really flavorful food.

I asked some patrons at Sweet Mango Cafe what they thought about the restaurant, and what their favorite dishes were.

"It's a wonderful place, great friendly help, and wonderful food.  If you like great Jamaican food, this is the place to be," Said Northwest resident Robert Carr who frequents Sweet Mango.  "My favorite (dish) is the brown-stew chicken.  It's succulent, sweet, and at the same time has a nice little tart to it."

"They keep it true to the Jamaican style," Roger Holmes of Northeast explained.  "Everything is good on the menu, especially the jerk chicken."

I  took Roger's advice and got the white meat jerk chicken(pictured above), which is served on top of a huge helping of rice and beans, and comes with cabbage and peas.  

Really, really good.  The jerk sauce is delicious, and not so spicy that the flavor gets lost.  The rice and veggies are tasty as well, and all of the components of the order come together to form a really well-rounded, belly-bursting meal.

I also order a side of plantains, because I'm addicted to them.  The whole meal ran $11...and I really didn't need the plantains, but as I said, I'm addicted to them.

The other meats looked incredibly be delicious as well.  Next time I visit I'm going to try out the oxtail stew, because I'm sure rocks.

Have you been to Sweet Mango before?  If you have, what did you get?  If you haven't, what are you waiting for?