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DC Transition: 2011 Mayor Inauguration | Events

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DC Transition: 2011 Mayor Inauguration
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DC Transition:  2011 Mayor Inauguration

January 2nd, 2011 marked a much anticipated change in the District of Columbia.  For the first time ever, a Council Chair became Mayor of D.C. (Mayor Vincent Gray) and the youngest ever person was elected into the Council Chair position (Kwame Brown).  Both individuals also are products of the DC public schools, which was a issue at the heart of both politicians campaigns.  "Education reform is something done with you not to you," said Chair Brown.  Gray and Brown's counterparts shared these same sentiments about education and its vital role in our society in their respective swearing in speeches.  "It is crime to have our children go from age five to high school students and when they come out they are not able to get jobs in this economy," said Councilmember Cheh of Ward 3.  Ward 5's Councilmen Thomas connected the education issue with the lack of jobs for D.C. residents,  "We must keep the commitment to make this one city where all DC residents have access to jobs and everyone can benefit from education reform. " In contrast, Councilmember Catania, with a speech so long that it took time away from other council members slated time, focused on health care.  Gray acceptance speech closed with inspiration for the packed house of attendees, "Greatness is not given it is earned.  So don't ask what your city can do for you but rather what you can do for your city. This is ONE CITY. OUR CITY."  The swearing in ceremony was hosted by WUSA's very own Bruce Johnson.

Later that evening, for the inaugural ball D.C.'s powerful elite and campaign supporters filled D.C.'s newest convention center adorn in tuxes and gowns for the momentous occasion.  Big Tigger from WPGC 95.5 was the Master of Ceremonies and Grammy nominated Raheem DeVaughn and Chuck Brown provided the entertainment. When Gray Campaign Manager, Lorraine Green, was asked what was the most exciting thing moving forward now that the campaign was over, she replied: "Now that the campaign is over I am excited to see all the initiatives that were a part of the new administration’s platform specifically those concerning expanding jobs for DC residents and making sure DC has a top notch education system."  The new county executive  PG County Maryland, Rushern L. Baker, III was in attendance and was very excited about the new mayor, "I am really excited to have someone like the Mayor to work with.  There's a lot PG and D.C. can do together especially around education and healthcare.  So its an exciting time all the away around in the Washington region."  Even some members left over from the Fenty administration are hopeful, like Kaya Henderson, the replacement of infamous Michelle Rhee said, "Mayor Gray has been very clear on keeping his commitment to the progress of school reform in the District that the Fenty administration started.  I am looking forward to working with his team so that we can guarantee our students the finest education in America.  They deserve nothing less."  Another education advocate is Jocelyn Coleman, a long time Ward 5 community activist who also works in the district's school system.   "I am most concern with how the new administration will address education reform and how it has not just affected the teachers and administration but the ultimate effect on the students as well," said Coleman.  No D.C. event is complete without a touch of Hollywood or what I like to call "Pollywood."  Stacie and Jason Turner of the Real Housewives of DC were in attendance at the ball.  Jason was very energetic and confident in response to what D.C. residents should look forward to with the shift of administrations, "D.C. is on the move.  We have a population over 600,000 in the first time in years and we have property values going up in contrast to the rest of the country so I am very excited about Vincent Gray being the mayor.  I think he is a good person at the right time, very knowledgeable about D.C. being a native Washingtonian and under his watch he will be able to take D.C. to the next level."

Click here for the video of newly elected Mayor Gray's swearing in and click above for a video soundbite of his speech.  To find out more about me visit me at:  www.jcarterexperience.com .


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