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The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show honored Military Spouses

The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show honored Military Spouses to spend a day of Food bliss with Food Network stars.


On November 13th The 2010 Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show (MCES) honored Military spouses including the Wounded Warriors and Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan spouses through their specially supported and funded  “Operation Home Cooking”.


IHOP Opens Up in DCUSA Mall in Columbia Heights

The IHOP in Columbia Heights is now officially open for business. 

New Columbia Heights Blog writes that today is the soft opening, while the grand opening will take place on November 23.

The IHOP will be open 24 hours, so it should provide the greater Columbia Heights community with a great late-night eatery.

Which brings us to our poll of the week:




New District measure requires six-months of mediation before foreclosure.

The District Council recently passed a measure that requires that mortgage lenders work with homeowners for six months through mediation before they will be able to foreclose on a home in the District. Mediation allows the borrower and the lender to negotiate with the guidance of a neutral third party possible alternatives to foreclosure.

What this means for struggling homeowners is that they now have an opportunity to work with their lender and possibly save their homes from the auction block. This is especially helpful in the District since there isn't a requirement that courts review foreclosure cases. In the District alone, there are more than 3,000 homes in the foreclosure process.

Road Construction on Rock Creek Parkway between P and Calvert Streets


Beginning Monday, November 15, the National Park Service will begin the first phase of a seven-phase, 18-month project to repair and reconstruct various portions of the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway from P Street, N.W. to Calvert St. N.W., including portions of Cathedral Ave.

During this phase, construction crews will close 1) the northbound lane of Shoreham Drive from Cathedral Avenue, NW, to Calvert Street, NW, and 2) the southbound lane of Cathedral Avenue from south of Woodley Road, NW to Shoreham Drive, NW.

Cheapes Gas Near Brightwood



7000 Blair Road NW

French Deer

Last weekend, two deer tried to move in with the French ambassador. The animals wandered on to the ambassador’s property in Northwest, DC and refused to leave. Several Animal Control Officers were called to help relocate the two deer back to Rock Creek Park where they originally came from. The ambassador's home, while very nice, was not deer friendly.  The property was too small, there was not enough grass or leaves for the deer to eat, and if they tried to jump the tall fence they could get hurt.

It took the ACOs nearly five hours to safely sedate both deer and transport them back to Rock Creek Park. Once back home, the animals were woken up and released back into the woods.

The deer may not have understood what we were trying to do for them, but they are now safe. We would like to thank the wonderful staff at the French Ambassador’s home for assisting us in this rescue.

A D.C. Bar With No Alcohol? BloomBars in Columbia Heights Serves Up Art Instead

Let me start this article off by giving you some background.  You should know that this story only came to my attention because I was contacted on Twitter about a very unique type of bar in Columbia Heights…a bar that didn’t serve alcohol.

I was intrigued.

I first began receiving direct messages from @BloomBars inviting me, @LandauDC, to various programs and events that they were hosting about a week ago. 

“What’s a BloomBar?” I thought to myself. 

I visited their website and discovered BloomBars, not BloomBar, is a non-profit art “bar” that acts as a platform for artists, dancers, and other performers to show their stuff.

To be completely honest, though, I still didn’t really get it.  I decided I needed to go and see it for myself.